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The Chinese delegation visited the GTO


The Chinese delegation visited the GTO to have an exchange of ideas about economic and cooperation opportunities. The delegation consists of the Economic and Technologic Development Zone Management Comittee Director Ye Xin Lin and some chinese businessmen. Nurettin Aslanturk who is the president of TUKSIAD and Ilyas Ozdemir who is the vice president of TUKSIAD and Yahya Kahraman who is the head of the media accompanied the delegation. The economic relationships and the investment opportunities between the two countries were evaluated mutually at the meeting.

Mustafa Yasar Sekin who is the secretary general of the GTO relayed the information about the GTO foreign trade activities, the profile of the region and the economic relationship between the two countries. Besides he got the information the companies who want to invest in Turkey and the encouragements on investment, which is provided by the chinese government, from the delegation.

Ye Xi Lin who is the Economic and Technologic Development Zone Management Comittee Director stated that there are five big industrial zones in China and Jiangxi region is one of them. ''The region composes the one third of the Chinese economy and where has been most exported place. The port in the region is exported 200 billion dollars. The main products, which are exported, are the products of heavy and light industry, automotive sub-industry, aku, battery, copper cable, electronic equipment and espcially handicrafts and producing-machine.The region is advanced zone for the transportation and provides an important advantage for the investment from abroad.

The meeting finished with exchanging ideas about organizations which will be planned to develop increasingly the economic relationships between the two countires.


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