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Gebze is an advancing and growing district of Turkey where it is located east of Marmara and north of Gulf Of İzmit which has a rich historical past and an economy depends on agriculture, husbandry and industry. Gebze is a district where located north of Sea of Marmara and 45 kms east of Istanbul which contains most of Kocaeli's industry. It is the second largest district of Marmara Region and has 15% of Turkish industry.

Gebze is located around the ports, airport, national railways, E-5 and TEM motorways which are connected through Anatolia to Istanbul and Europe by connected to Kocaeli Province in Marmara Region. Gebze is an area develops its industry and urban life due to roads located through west to east. Due to its location on the main access roads Gebze became the first stop of the migration through Anatolia to Istanbul for many years. Exceeding of 10 million population increase Istanbul's problems and cause change of localization of industrial sites to out of Istanbul. As a result of searching new settlements, most of the industrial sites localized on Gebze which is the closest one to Istanbul. Due to lands low cost and easy to come by make Gebze a center of interests. Besides town's proximity to ports, being established very close to E-5 and TEM motorways, airports and railways and for making transition of trading easy for Anatolia, Middle East and Middle Asia and localizing and becoming 45min away of Turkey's three biggest cities makes investor's interests concentrate on this region.

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