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Gebze  is a bridge city between Asia and Europe and an advancing and growing district of Turkey where it is located east of Marmara Region and north of Gulf of Izmit which has a rich historical past and its economy mainly depends on industry.


Gebze contains a large part of Kocaeli Industry and hosting 15 percent of the Turkish Industry.


Gebze, depends on Kocaeli Province in the Marmara Region, is based in around harbors, and airport, railways, highways the TEM and the E-5 which are in coupling position to Europe and Istanbul for Anatolia.

The Region;

Incorporating the large part of the important industrial organizations that directs the Turkish Economy.


Nominately, 48 of the top 500 industrial enterprises and 37 of the secondary 500 largest industrial companies make production in the region, they are members of the chamber.

The Region is to host 2 Technoparks, IT valley, Turkish Standarts Institute, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Gebze Technical University, and 9 Organized Industrial Zones where has roughly 3200 large industrial organizations.




  1. Gebze Organized Industrial Zone
  2. TOSB Automotive Supply Specialized Organized Industrial Zone
  3. Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone
  4. Kocaeli - Gebze VI (IMES) Machinery Specialized Organized Industrial Zone
  5. Plastic Manufacturers Organized Industrial Zone
  6. Gebze Guzeller Organized Industrial Zone
  7. Kocaeli Gebze Coal Dealer Specialized Organized Industrial Zone
  8. Machinery Specialized Organized Industrial Zone
  9. Gebze Chemistry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone


There are 726 local firms and 97 foreign firms as totally 823 firms in nine organized industrial zones that employ around 69,000 people.

Besides organized industrial parks;

Gebze Auto Industry Zone, Haskoy Industry Zone, Cayırova Small Industrial Zone, Darıca Small Industrial Zone and many industrial zones are located in the region. There are 767 firms which employ approximately 5000 people.

The region carrys out roughly 6,8% of Turkey's export that value is $9,5 billion

The region covers approximately 7,78% of Turkey's import which total value is $20 billion.


The defining characteristic of Kocaeli, however, is that it is a "City of Industry and Investment."

Almost without parallel globally, 13% of Kocaeli's GDP is generated from its manufacturing industry.

The province's industry based economy accounts for 13% of Turkey's Industrial Production.

In the past few years the province has developed as a hotspot for the automotive industry, with investments by the sector's heavy hitters such as: Ford, Hyundai, Honda and Isuzu.

The major league players of the tyre and rubber sector are here too; Goodyear, Pirelli, Lassa and Bridgestone, all operate in the region.

Today the region hosts 1900 industrial investments of which 247 have been established with international capital.

Turkey's largest enterprise, the Tüpraş Petroleum Refinery Plant, is also located in the region, where the province supplies 27% of the national chemical industry (petro-chemical included). 28 of Turkey's 100 largest enterprises are located here.

Another meaningful indicator for the province is that out of Turkey's 89 provinces, 13% of national tax revenues are collected from the region.



The existing infrastructure elements such as transport, water, electricity and natural gas combine to enhance Kocaeli's investment potential.

Turkey's one and only hazardous-waste incineration plant is found in Kocaeli, a great advantage for an industry striving to achieve international environmental and product standards.

Alongside its industry, the province is also striving to develop its sea and lake tourism, and to some extent, its winter sports, providing alternatives for water sports along the beaches of the Black Sea and a ski resort on the hills of Kartepe.

Horse breeding is also a growing trend in the province. The nation's best race horses are bred at stud farms located in the region.


The Chamber;

We are servicing at a level of the European Chambers, so accredited by TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) with the A level certificate, also GTO has four the quality certificates too;


1.    K-Q TSE-ISO-EN 9000        Quality Management System Certificate,


2.    C-E TSE-ISO-EN 14000       Enviromental Management System Certificate,


3.    TSE ISG-OHSAS TS 18001   Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate,


4.    M-C TSE-ISO 10002            Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate.


Approximately 14,000 companies and firms are member of Gebze Chamber of Commerce. While the distribution of the members are in different sectors, such as automotive supply industry, plastic, metal industry , iron, steel, machine manufacturing, transport and storage services, building materials and food, chemistry, machine, electrical, beverage and basic necessities, imported coal storage, screening and packing, building and construction works,  transportation areas productions are performed in our region.


The Chamber has 377 foreign firms owners from 58 different countries;

The members generally export their goods to Germany, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Algeria, as well as they export their goods to all over the world.

The most exported products are mainly auto parts, electrical supplies, chemicals, iron-steel products and food products.


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