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Our Chairman


Nail Ciler, who is one of  the successful businessmen,  was born in 1959, Mus, Malazgirt which is a pretty county in Anatolia. He finished the primary, secondary and high school respectively  in Mus. He graduated in 1979 from Erzurum Kazim Karabekir Faculty of Education, department of mathematics. Ciler was appointed as a mathematics teacher to Gebze High School in Gebze County in Kocaeli in the same year. After a while later, he started to perform as a deputy principal in the same school.

To launch the  Otan Course in 1983, which is one of the first preparatory  schools for a university in Gebze, was a first step to the private sector for him after his duty more than five years in Gebze High School.  Ciler, who was  one of the founders the Otan Course, worked as a principal for the Otan Course for three years right after that he started to work for a course in Kadıköy, Istanbul, 1986.

Ciler, who was pertinent to the education consistently besides being a mathematic teacher in the course, founded Gozde Stationery 1988  which is related to education, so he took up to the business life.

He continued successfully his current mission without neglecting  despite the fact that  Gozde Stationery required intensive tempo. The hectic  pace elicited commercial success that caused  a new investment for a different job and an area. Ciler set up Gor-Tan Dealer in 1993 for Hyundai Turkey  which is one of the most important auto makers  for Turkey and the world, so he enhaced his commercial experience with Gor-Tan Company in a different sector and it became one of the most successful dealers in a short span of time for Hyundai Auto in Turkey. He  was elected as a president for Hyundai Dealers in Turkey Business Devolopment Council Presidency  due to the achivement  in this sector. He conducted featly the chairman of the council for two terms.

Ciler showed the same progress  in social relationships along with the accomplishment of the commercial life and he took charge in many non-governmental organizations.

Ciler , made a name for himself  most often in both  trade life in Gebze and his social life, took part in Gebze Chamber of Commerce (GTO) which is one of the most  important chambers in Turkey and became an assembly member in 1994 soon after that  he got involved in the board of the directors. He was elected as a President of the Board of the Directors in the elections  of  the Chamber of Commerce in 2009 and was elected as the president one more time  in 2013 as a result of numerous successful studies. He revealed  umteen innovations, which were samples to the other provincial chambers, under his leadership thereby  Gebze Chamber of Commerce was mentioned frequently within The Union of Chambers of Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB).

Making  efforts  under the Chairman of Gebze Chamber of Commerce ensure him taken place in some tasks within TOBB. The Vice President of the Council of Chambers of Commerce(TOBB),  occured with the participation of many chambers in different provinces, is one of them. The another one is Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Great Anatolia  Logistic Organizations (BALO) which is the one of the important associations for our country and Europe was established under the guidance of  TOBB. In addition to these he has a very important task that is a Member of the Board of Directors  Muallimkoy Technology Devolopment Zone – IT Valley  which is one of the  leading projects in Turkey. Ciler  has a temperament, which aims to achieve lasting actions,is  harmonized  with the understanding of honest and principled trade and to serve  Gebze in each period is a priority for him.

Mr. Ciler is married and has two children.